ProgressNowNM Conference Saturday is Sold Out

While sold out, there may be ways to attend the ProgressNowNM Summit on Saturday, so read on. There is also info on the Refugee Panel on Sunday,  more info on leadership opportunities with Retake Our Democracy and some other coming events. And don’t forget, today is the last day to send a comment to the BLM about the Verde Transmission Line.

ProgressNowNM Progressive Action Summit Sold Out, BUT.  Sorry for a second blog in one day, but this is very short. We found out that the Jan 7 conference is sold out and since so many of our supporters often show up without an RSVP, we wanted to alert you that you will not be able to be admitted without a ticket as there are strict Fire Marshall limits. But the good news is there may be some tickets released later today from people who have cancelled. So if you don’t have a ticket and you really want to attend, click here and sign up on the wait list.

Click here for info on the Verde Transmission Line and how to provide comment. I sent an email moments ago and it took 3-4 minutes. All the background info and email address are included and TODAY is the deadline.

act-localAction Team Planning Meetings & Leadership Opportunities. We have Action Team meetings scheduled the first two weeks of January for Outreach/Canvassing, Research, Social-Traditional Media, Citizen Advocacy at the Roundhouse, and Non-Violent Direct Action. If you want to become active, click here for information, dates and times. In January we will begin offering training for individuals who want to play leadership roles within Retake Our Democracy. You must commit to at least 5-10 hours a week, but the reward will be playing an important role in creating a framework for sustained community activism. For more information on what is involved and directions as to how to apply, click here. There will be a meeting for people interested in leadership roles on Jan 26, 5:30-7pm at 1420 Cerrillos Ave, Center for Progress & Justice, but to participate in the meeting, you must click the link, read what is involved and provide a personal statement. We want this group to be firmly committed to involvement.

refugeesRefugees Speak, a Santa Fe Refugee Panel, Jan. 8, 1pm-3pm at First Presbyterian Church of Santa Fe, 208 Grant Ave. You will have the honor of meeting refugees who have been resettled in New Mexico from the Middle East and Africa. As you can imagine, they have been through very difficult times, and they need to be welcomed, supported, and embraced as our new friends and neighbors. You will have a chance to ask questions, learn about their lives, hear from them how we can help, and be part of the welcoming committee!  Click here for more information and to RSVP. Space is limited but this should be an excellent event.

An Alternative to Trump’s Inauguration, Jan 20.  This inauguration day a modern telethon is being planned, in the vein of Jerry Lewis and Live Aid, to raise money to protect our civil liberties. This Facebook live event will reach an expected 10 million people right when they’re looking for something to do as antidote to the Trump inauguration. The event will go live at 3pm EST and broadcast opposite our new cheeto-in-chief for 3 hours with a roster of actors, musicians, chefs, comedians and thinkers.  The event’s goal is to raise $1 million to help the ACLU, Planned Parenthood and EarthJustice fight back against our new president’s proposed policies. Find out more at or shoot a note to

January 21, Women’s March on Washington, Santa Fe

March to the Roundhouse: 11:00am – 12:00pm
Starting Location: North side of the Bataan Building on W. De Vargas St., between Galisteo St. and Don Gaspar Ave. (Please gather on the grassy areas and sidewalks starting at 10:30am; keep parking areas clear.)
Rally at the Roundhouse: 12:00pm – 2:00pm
Location: New Mexico State Capitol – 490 Old Santa Fe Trail, Santa Fe, NM 87501
(south-east side of the Capitol Building)
Their Facebook invite had technical problems that erased all RSVPs, so if you are going, please go to their FB page, click here, and re-RSVP.  We expect about 2000 people.  For a list of speakers at the Roundhouse click here.

January 21, Albuquerque Womens’ March on Washington
11am-1pm: Albuquerque Civic Plaza. This is an inclusive event, open to ANYONE who supports women’s rights. For information, click here.



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  1. I would like to go to the ProgressNowNM Progressive Action Summit on Saturday and this is the first time I have heard of it. I went to the lobbying action meeting and no one even mentioned it. Quite a few people in the room did not understand the over all picture including myself. I’ve done a lot of political organizing and you guys need to be clearer. You need to get more folks involved and they are not going to get involved if they do not see what you are doing and who you guys are. The internet is not the only way to reach people. Submitted respectfully.

    • Thank you for your input.I am sorry you didn’t know about the Conference before now, but it has been on our website events for over 3 weeks, has been featured in our blog several times and is posted on our Facebook page. What’s more, Susan had flyers for the Convention on the table where you signed in at the lobbying meeting. The purpose of the Lobbying Meeting was to orient people to how they can get involved in Lobbying. Given that we are promoting about a half dozen events right now (see coming events on the right of the home page), we don’t want to start talking about events during Action meetings, as with questions and answers it would consume too much time and people coming these Action Meetings are there to plan for that, not talk about other organizations’ events. In short, I think we have the best we can do for an event that isn’t even our event.

      As to not understanding the big picture, I’d start by viewing the “About” page on the far left of our home page. Our About has also been featured in several blogs. I think the About will help you see the big picture. You are right, if you don’t see how it all holds together, it is hard to understand the overall purpose and individual strategies.

      You mention that the internet is not the only way to reach people. I have submitted a My View in the New Mexican, hopefully to be published this weekend, to help the broader community understand our purpose and I have been on Richard Eeds radio show several times talking about Retake and Roxanne was on KUNM’s Women’s Focus last month. But do know that the organization is just two months old and virtually all communication at this point is being done by my wife and I, which is why we have a Media Action Team formed to help us use other media to get the word out

      But do please make specific suggestions as to other ways we can inform the community besides through the internet.

      Again, thank you for your input. Input is the only way we can get better.


      But please do make suggestions as to other strategies for notifying the media. I have


  2. I do not see the click here button to join the Saturday group waiting list. Jeff Swanson and Donna Swanson would like two please if available. 5052506107. Thanks!

    Donna Swanson

  3. The establishmentire with thin gloss of progressivismy painted over.

  4. I won’t be able to make the conference tomorrow. Please give my ticket to someone else.

    Crawford MacCallum

    Order #580517881


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