Santa Fe Dem. Ward Elections Sat-Mon; Moral Monday Volunteers Needed

A quick post with info on the Democratic Ward Elections–important to get folks active. Also a request for volunteers on Moral Monday, Feb. 20, to staff a table in the Rotunda, distribute flyers, and work the crowd.Democratic Ward elections in Santa Fe County began yesterday, but the vast majority are slated for this coming Sat, Sun & Mon. If we are ever going to have true progressive candidates and a strong, engaged, active base, the Ward system needs participation.There has been a good deal of grassroots activity and many people are planning to run for chair, vice chair, and county commission. Candidates will self-identify as progressive and wanting to be active. Talk with them and vote in bloc to support them. Click here for a Ward Election schedule of times, dates, and locations. Use your precinct number to find your Ward. The elections are 10-15 minutes long, but please arrive at registration time to make sure you get in, then head to your Ward room to talk with candidates before voting begins. Those of you in other counties, contact your County Democratic Party (Google will get you there) and ask for a schedule. In many counties, progressives are doing exactly what we’re doing in Santa Fe…grassroots organizing.

moral-monday5Moral Monday Volunteers Needed. We need volunteers for shifts at a table in the Rotunda from 8-4:00, and to distribute flyers from 9 to 1 about the Moral Monday rally (speakers and music) and the Die-In. From 12:30 – 1:15, we need volunteers to manage the crowd for the Die-In — to spread people out so there is room for people to lie down. If there are 200 people, that will not be a problem. But it’s possible we will draw a very large crowd, in which case, we will need help managing it. Check the list below and respond to AND… please use the weekend to recruit friends to Moral Monday. We want to show our power. Send them here for more info and to RSVP:  Also, please note parking is ALWAYS problematic. We recommend parking downtown across from the Lensic or at the Water St. lot across from The Hemp Store. It will cost you, but the Roundhouse lot fills at 8.

Volunteers Needed for:

  • Rotunda Table:  8-10am – 2 volunteers
  • Rotunda Table: 10-12 – 2 volunteers
  • Rotunda Table: 12-2pm – 2 volunteers
  • Rotunda Table:  2pm-4pm  – 2 volunteers
  • Distribute Flyers: 9-11 am (throughout the Roundhouse) – 3-4 volunteers
  • Distribute Flyers: 11-1 pm (throughout the Roundhouse) – 3-4 volunteers
  • Crowd Managers: 12:30 – 1:15 pm. Manage the crowd to make room for people to lie down during the Die-In. –  6 volunteers

Contact me at if you can volunteer for any of the above. Thanks!

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  1. Hi, Paul, I assume you know Monday also is a big lobbying day for Planned Parenthood. I’ve not seen that in your blog, so I’m passing this on to you in hope you’ll pass the word on in your blog. I guess I’ll wear pink over my black!

    Be well, Sally Butler

    >> From: “Martinez, Marshall” < > >> Date: February 14, 2017 at 1:08:51 PM MST >> To: “Reyes, Rafael” < >, “Jay, Larrissa” < >, “Devereaux, Jeffrey” < > >> Subject: Planned Parenthood Lobby Day Information! >> >> Planned Parenthood Supporters! >> >> We are SO Excited to have you joining us for our Lobby Day this Monday, February 20th in Santa Fe! >> >> We are providing all of the information we currently have for this Lobby Day in this email. >> >> Please understand that scheduling for the Legislature is often in flux, and there may be last minute changes to the schedule (after our Briefing Session) for the day. We will keep you as informed as we are! >> >> Why is this day important regardless of the schedule? We are aiming for large impact of bodies in PINK in the building on this day. Legislators will notice how many people have shown up at the building to protect Planned Parenthood and expand our mission of providing quality health care to all. Just being here, talking to your legislators (regardless of where they stand on the issues) and being seen in the building is going to be very impactful! >> >> Logistics: >> >> Please wear a PINK PP T-Shirt if you have one! We will have some on sight, but it will be helpful to us if you have one already (or a bright pink shirt to wear) >> >> We will meet in Morgan Hall of the State Land Office at 8:30am. 310 Old Santa Fe Trail, is the address for the State Land Office. Unfortunately you *may not* park in the State Land Office Parking lot. We recommend that you arrive early, park in the public parking structure which is located on Galisteo (420 Galisteo St) and then walk the roughly one-block north to the State Land Office. >> >> At 8:30am we will begin with coffee and doughnuts, then have a brief presentation by our Legislative Advocate Contractor and Myself, to explain our Legislative Agenda and how to find and speak to your legislator. >> >> By 10am we will be in the Roundhouse(we will walk over together) finding our Legislators. >> >> At 12:30pm we will break for lunch. (Lunch is on your own, but if you absolutely cannot afford lunch please let us know) >> >> At 2pm there will be a rally outside the roundhouse sponsored by multiple progressive partner organizations. Please consider staying for this event, but also know that there *may* be committee hearings impacting our legislative agenda in the afternoon, and we would love it you were able to stay for that as well. >> >> It is the nature of days like this to be flexible, quickly changing and sometimes frustrating. But we cannot say enough that being in the building, representing PP and your communities is one of the most powerful productive things that you can do during this Legislative Session! >> >> Please feel free to reach out with any questions, or concerns! >> >> >> Marshall Martinez >> Director of Public Affairs – New Mexico >> Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains >> Planned Parenthood Votes New Mexico >> New Mexico, Colorado, Southern Nevada, and Wyoming >> 505-944-2015 (Office) >> 505-363-0152 (cell) >> | >> >> >> Please support our efforts to resist Anti-Women and Anti-Reproductive Healthcare policies by supporting our political work. Consider a gift to Planned Parenthood Votes New Mexico today! >

    • thanks for this. I had heard that there was a Planned Parenthood lobbying day about a week ago, but then I tried to get info on it and couldn’t find anything. Roxanne tried as well. I will certainly reference this in today’s blog and if someone from planned parenthood would like to speak at our noon rally that would be great. i could put them in after 12:30. It would be great if you could include in your PP communiques going forward info about our talks from 12-1 and most especially our planned “die-in” at 1pm. The visual of our folks in black and your folks in pink would be both stunning, but more importantly would show the kind of solidarity among progressive groups that is the theme of our Moral Monday: Forging Alliances and Finding Common Moral Ground. I am going to email you this information directly. There may be other ways we can mutually support each other. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

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