Stand With Santa Fe Immigrants 12-14. Statewide Progressive Summit 12-17

Somos Un Pueblo Unido Rally to expand Santa Fe’s Sanctuary policies; a Statewide convening of progressives; Ward Activism Mtg 12-15, and there are still a few slots open for Community Conversations and Socilal/Mainstream Media Action Team Mtg today

Dear Activists,

Just a quick note before the actions below.  This movement depends on you. The power of you is so clear to me each day. I have been struggling with keeping track of all you who are signing up, offering to get organized, all the while knowing that if we were using Nation Builder’s web-based data system, all this work would vanish, as when you signed up, all the information would be organized automatically. But I don’t have the skill set to do it. But last night a supporter was at the meeting for Action Network Group and he heard my plea for support in this area and he is going to take it on. Earlier that day, I attended the Climate Change Lobby training in activism (excellent) and heard that 8 years ago, the founder of CCL met with 30 people in San Diego for the first meeting of CCL. Today there are 330 chapters world wide. One guy who read in the paper and got pissed reading that Congress had just given the fossil fuel industry an $18 billion tax loophole.  One guy. So when you are sitting in your living room feeling disempowered. Think again. You have talents and most likely you have time. I really hope everyone reading this blog considers deeply just what exactly they could do and find a way to make activism a daily habit, not by posting on FB or signing online petitions, but by getting active in one of our Action Teams or with another community-based organization in town.  There is no one else to do this work but you.

somosSomos Un Pueblo Unido Pro-Sanctuary Rally. Somos Un Pueblo Unido along with several faith, community and Labor organizations, are working with city councilors to reaffirm Santa Fe’s sanctuary status and strengthen policies regarding immigrant workers, families and youth.  Somos Un Pueblo Unido is holding a pro-sanctuary rally on Wednesday, December 14th at 4:00 PM in front of Santa Fe City Hall where they will describe their nine-point plan for strengthening the City’s protection of immigrants.  This is precisely the kind of actions we need to support locally. While Somos is not asking for us to contact your member of the City Councilor until after they introduce the resolution later on Wednesday, we will be asking you to do so, the moment that the call to action occurs.

Somos Un Pueblo Unido
Pro-Sactuary Rally, Santa Fe City Hall, 200 Lincoln Ave. at Marcy St.
Wednesday, December 14th at 4:00 PM
Retake Our Democracy
Action Team Planning Meeting
Today, 2:30pm
Unitarian Universal Church, 109 W. Barcelona Rd

While three of the breakouts are full (Research, Civil Disobedience, and Outreach to Diversify) are full, there are a few slots remaining in Social Media & Mainstream Media (10 slots open), Lobbying (6 slots open) and Community Conversations (8 slots remaining). We are cutting off RSVPs at noon today. If you haven’t RSVP’d and would like one of the remaining slots, times for sessions, descriptions and a one click RSVP can be found here.  Please do not just show up if you have not RSVP’d. The room is going to be very packed, we can’t accommodate more as we will be having two conversations in breakouts in the main room. We can’t duplicate the over-crowdedness of that occurred at the 1420 Cerrillos at the Town Hall. It won’t work. There will be many other opportunities to plug in to these Action Teams.

Ward & County Activism Meeting
December 15, 6pm-7:30pm
Center for Progress & Justice at 1420 Cerrillos Road. 
Email prior to 12/15.

Retake Our Democracy’s Tenth Action Team is a strategy to encourage involvement in local politics, beginning with working at the Ward and County levels to reinvigorate local political discourse and action. Susan Popovich is heading up this effort and is holding a meeting this Thursday evening, details below.  There are a number of actions she is axing you take before the meeting. Many Wards do not ever meet and many Ward Chairs do not even respond to inquiries. This is something we plan to change by organizing now, identifying people who want to run for Ward Chair or Vice Chair in inactive, unresponsive Wards and then use the Ward framework for political engagement, education and activism.For details on the meeting and for some actions that Susan is asking you take in advance of the meeting, please click here.

New Mexico Progressive Coalition is staging a Statewide People’s Summit on Dec 17 from 1-5pm with a range of breakouts to discuss how to reform the Democratic Party by getting involved in ward and county political processes, how to lobby at the Roundhouse, how to create a state Progressive Platform, and other topics. Retake Our Democracy is one of several founding members of the NMPC and I’d encourage you to attend. For details and an where you can RSVP,  Click here and RSVPs are essential as they have space for only 200 and they are filling up quickly.

A Reading At the Roundhouse. Dec 19, 8am. One of our supporters Ken Baumann will be reading a statement about the Donald Trump presidency. The statement borrows the format of the Declaration of Independence and is quite interesting. To read his statement and to read more about the variety of national strategies to try to stop the Trump presidency, click here.

So much to do and only you to do it.  Let’s do it together.  Now.

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