Local Action In Solidarity with Standing Rock: Sunday, Dec 4, 1pm

Meet at the Santa Fe National Cemetery, Sun. Dec 4 at 1pm to honor the courage of the Vets at Standing Rock and then on to Allsups 2 blocks away who sells Phillip 66, a partner in DAPL. Perfect symmetry: Honor the Vets. Boycott Phillips 66 in one hour. Be there.


At our Town Hall meeting, people were begging for something to do NOW.  Well NOW has arrived.  

The police and other military personnel are using obscene violence on Indigenous men, women and children and their supporters.  On Sunday, thousands of Vets are arriving at Standing Rock to protect the Water Protectors. A deadline has been set by the police and a confrontation seems inevitable. Across the country actions are being staged in solidarity with those at Standing Rock making sacrifices for us. It is time for Santa Fe to Stand with Standing Rock. Our President is doing nothing. So we must stand strong.

A host of local organizations have coordinated over the past 24 hours and are staging a march in solidarity with our Vets and with the Water Protectors. Not only is our Sanctuary City okay with this, our Mayor is joining us. We will meet at the entrance to the Santa Fe National Cemetery at 501 N. Guadalupe, at 1pm, Sunday December 4–the day that the Vets arrive in Standing Rock.

screenshot-2016-12-01-13-11-42We will hear from 2-3 speakers and then march peacefully along Guadalupe to the Allsups gas station at 305 N. Guadalupe. We have confirmed by phone call to the station itself, by a photo of the Phillips 66 logo at the station and via the Phillips 66 website listing its stations, that this Allsups (though not all of them) sells Phillips 66 gas. Talk about perfect symbolism: Honor the courage of the Vets heading now to Standing Rock and then protest those funding the pipeline. In one hour. All that is missing is you. We need a HUGE turnout and we will be alerting the media. So please share this broadly every way you can. For Facebook event page, click here

This link takes you to the Phillips 66 website and their announcement of the formation of the partnership that is producing DAPL. The quote below is the first sentence from their press release.

“Energy Transfer Partners, L.P. (NYSE: ETP), Sunoco Logistics Partners L.P.(NYSE: SXL) and Phillips 66 (NYSE: PSX) announce the successful completion of the project-level financing of the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) and Energy Transfer Crude Oil Pipeline (ETCOP) projects (collectively the “Bakken Pipeline”). The $2.5 billion facility is anticipated to provide substantially all of the remaining capital necessary to complete the projects.”

That’s it for today. Just wanted to get the word out. Please share this broadly.

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  1. Thanks for organizing this. We are planning a follow up action the next day on December 5, if you could help publicize it. Boycott the Phillips 66 Station at 305 N. Guadalupe from 4-5 pm to support Standing Rock, oppose police brutality, say no to trampling on indigenous rights, and yes to the courageous Water Protectors seeking a better way in North Dakota. https://www.meetup.com/Santa-Fe-Environment-Meetup/

    Can we coordinate our efforts? I would like to see a regular presence picketing Phillips/Conoco, moving to different stations around the city. I am also organizing a yard sign campaign in conjunction with the Sierra Club.

    Gary Kowalski

    • I want to be sure I get this. You are in Taos, but you and some of your folks will be at the Santa Fe Allsups at 305 Guadalupe on Monday. If I get a confirmation on this, I will post your plan will be in the blog going out tomorrow. Glad to support this. But a word of caution, not all Allsups offer Phillips 66 so we don’t want to boycott all of them.

  2. please let the new mexican and sf reporter know about this. Actions like this need publicity, also local TV stations, and other news media

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