Standing Rock and NM Election: A Time for Action

It would be easy to let the non-stop muck of this campaign paralyze you, to give up. But that is what “they” want. Fox, Koch, Trump–they want to dispirit us and while we sulk, they steal more of our future. We can’t let that happen….read on for things you can do.

There is a lot in this issue, so if you don’t have time to work through all of it, please set it aside. There is too much timely and very good information contained here to not take it all in. While the bulk of this issue will cover more on Standing Rock, DAPL in Iowa. I don’t want to lose sight of November 8 and the frightening tightening of this race. Follow this link to find out how you can canvass, donate or phone bank from home to help elect five NM progressives. A bit more follows on the NM election and then on to Standing Rock and Chaco Canyon. For incentive to read work your way through this, a quick preview note on how low it has gotten: The reported $2.5 Million donation to bail out all of those arrested at Standing Rock is a sick hoax designed to undermine fundraising to raise real bail money.  Sick the depths to which the corporatocracy will go to further their greed. To lighten the mood a bit, at the end of this blog is a link to an hysterical four minute John Oliver rant about the renewed FBI email investigation. Lastly, before heading into the issues, I will be sending out a very brief blog Thursday on the BLM’s plans to sell thousands of acres of in Four Corners, significantly expanding fracking activity near Chaco Canyon. The blogs has links to some extraordinary video of Native Americans speaking truth to our insanity.

Tightening National and Statewide Races. The FBI’s timely release of new emails to review is hurting not just HRC but the down ticket throughout the country. We were so close to a really important win on down ballots across the country and here in NM, to achieve those possible wins, we need to really push now. And if you need motivation to canvass, call or donate to progressive campaigns–check out what the NM GOP is up to.

The GOP is stopping at nothing, pouring money into key NM races with fear-fueled accusations and lies to attack key progressives. Advance New Mexico Now, an arch-conservative PAC funded largely by the extractive industry is doing our Governor’s bidding and has spent big bucks on a despicable hit piece on Michael Sanchez, a true Progressive Champion, major impediment to our Governor’s regressive policies and Democratic Senate Majority Leader.  The hit piece claims, among other things, that Sanchez “took a luxurious trip to Hawaii at taxpayer expense.”  Only problem, Sanchez has never been to Hawaii and in sharing his travel expenses for the last seven years: no luxurious trips anywhere. But the truth has never been the tool of the GOP when lies are so much easier and when time is short to counter these kinds of allegations, as another hit-piece directed at Sanchez illustrates. Another PAC-funded hit piece on Sanchez claimed he “cradles” criminals and attacks him for not supporting a bill that he actually sponsored.  So if you want to prevent these kind of folks running our lives, get active this week. We need you now and this link will tell you how you can phone bank from home for Liz Thomson (HD24 and awesome advocate for Education and Early Childhood).  The link also describes how to donate where your contribution will be matched. And campaign info for Nathan Small, Natalie Figueroa, Arturo Fierro and Liz Stefanics. Let’s Do It!

Do you trust the electoral process?  If not, here is a chance to monitor the counting of absentee ballots.  The Democratic Party is looking for volunteers to watch the absentee board open and begin processing the absentee ballots at the Clerk’s Office Warehouse, 2600 Galisteo Road. DPNM is looking for people who are willing to watch on behalf of the democracy this coming Thursday (tomorrow), Friday, and Saturday. We have the 9:00am – 12:00pm shift covered all three days. We need volunteers Thursday, Friday, and Saturday for the other two shifts: 12:00-3:00pm and 3:00-6:00pm. So if you aren’t canvassing or calling, lend this a hand….and a watchful eye. Contact Francesca if you want to volunteer.  Contact Francesca at:

Standing Rock Update. This update on Standing Rock won’t make you happy, with stories and pictures of continuing police arrests, exorbitant bail, deplorable jail conditions, and information on how DAPL is using eminent domain in Iowa to ignore farmers’ objections to the pipeline crossing their farms.  There is also a related story on increasing tracking in the Four Corners of New Mexico and a petition we ask you to sign to stop all tracking in the Four Corners. Read on.

standing-rock-police-violenceHow Many Cops with Batons Are Needed to Detain One Native American?  That the police are using rubber bullets, Tasers, and tear gas is somewhat widely reported, what is less well reported are the scores of arrests, the exorbitant bail levels, and the deplorable, almost inhumane conditions in which OUR WATER PROTECTORS are being jailed. We have been told that the jail in which those arrested are held has such poor air quality that you have to breathe through your clothing.  Please help to support those Water Protectors languishing in cells as payment for their trying to protect their land, their water, and our planet. See below for how you can help.
$2.5 Million Anonymous Donation for Bail Is A Hoax
Legal representatives in Standing Rock are skeptical of reports of a $2.5 Million anonymous donation as they see no evidence of it and they are these folks’ lawyers. This link takes you to a statement from the Red Owl Legal Collective and the , those who are the attorneys representing those arrested.  They posit that it is a ruse to undermine fundraising to really get our protectors out of jail.  This link will take you to a real bail fund. And despite reports to the contrary, they continue to need your support.

Alabama Pipeline Spewing Flames, Kills One

Alabama Pipeline Bursts, Killing One.  As if we needed another reason to oppose the Dakota Access pipeline, graphic evidence of why our Water Protectors are fighting this pipeline–the Alabama oil pipeline explosion. Shockingly, what has the media latched onto as to the significance of this explosion?  That gasoline prices at the pump may go up!  Not a word in mainstream media connecting this explosion to the risks involved with drilling a pipeline under the Missouri River.

Someone is trying to tell us something. If this happens under the Missouri River tens of millions people will have their water polluted. Yet the Dakota Access Pipline continues. Please write to your representatives in Washington to write to Obama and ask he put revoke the permit permanently. HIs voluntary order is being entirely ignored. For a link to our Washington representatives, click here.



iowa-daplDAPL Is Also Impacting Other States.  This link will take you to a story about Cyndy Coppola, an Iowa woman (at left), who was arrested for trying to prevent DAPL from digging on her property. For those of you who own your home, you only thought you own it. This is happening all over Iowa, with pipeline developers using eminent domain to ignore objections to pipeline development across farms all over Iowa. You thought it was your property. Think again.


Time for a Laugh. You’ve earned it if you got this far.  I bring you John Oliver, fast becoming the voice of sanity and humor on the airwaves.

There is much to do.


Paul Gibson
Coordinator, Retake the Roundhouse

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