Berniacs-Get Active We Need to Save NM

OK, we got robbed. Many of us have been living in a ‘what if’ blur for two months. But we have 16 days and some very important races that need your support. Please get to it.

voter-regSanta Fe did some wondrous phone banking for Bernie, over 500,000 calls. Now we need to do the same for Natalie Figueroa, Liz Thompson, Arturo Fierro, and Nathan Small.  Scroll down so you can find out how to get involved. A few hours of your time in the next two weeks could make a world of difference for the future of New Mexico. 

Bernie supporters:  Ok, we were robbed and it is painful as hell to watch Bernie shill for Hillary and even harder to watch the damned debates. But we can’t undo what happened. We were robbed and that won’t change.  But we can.  It is time to get over our funk and get engaged and involved. There are just over two weeks to go until the election and many of races

The Presidential election looks to be over. We can stop fretting about whether we vote for Hillary or Jill and we can get focused on the home front. We have some very strong progressives running very close races here at home and the difference could be whether or not YOU get active, make calls, canvass or send checks. This blast includes information on the Fierro (HD7), Thomson (HD 24), and Figueroa (HD30 campaigns).

We also introduce another progressive candidate running to unseat a Republican in a Democratic leaning district:  Nathan Small (HD 36). Small, a Las Cruces City Councilor, had the courage to propose raising the minimum wage in Las Cruces for which he faced and defeated a recall effort. So Nathan Small is worth our support, especially given the opponent: Andy Nunez, one of the leaders of the GOP’s death penalty effort and someone who actually said he wished wolves became extinct. Let’s beat this guy!

I don’t think you want to wake up on November 9th and read that the GOP still held a slim margin in the House because Kelly Fajardo defeated Arturo Fierro by 61 votes.  It will be especially painful if you had done no phone banking on his behalf, despite having been sent multiple blasts with info on how to do this easily and from home.  SantaFe4Bernie supporters made over 500,000 calls to other states, it is time to call for New Mexico’s future.

This link will get you to info on the campaigns of all four of these progressive champions. You can send checks; you can call—even from home; you can get involved in a caravan and canvass. But there is one thing you can’t do: sulk or we will live with the repercussions for years.

In addition to information on how you can support the four progressive Roundhouse candidates, this blog also includes links to:

  • A recommendation for supporting Tim Crone as a write-in candidate for Public Education Commission—If we don’t write him in, our Governor can pick who she wants, so go to this link for that recommendation; and
  • An extraordinary article from The Nation magazine describing the Trump phenomenon, what we can learn from it and the surprising common ground between his supporters and many progressives. There are many lessons to be learned from this article as it points to the continuing Revolution and the need to reach across the divide to help those who support Trump to realize that their condition and their shame are not the fault of blacks, women, gays, and Muslims, but the same enemy Bernie had zeroed in on: the Corporatocracy.  This is a very important read; and
  • For information on how to use A Better World Shopping Guide to inform your daily purchasing choices, click here. And Click here for information on how supermarkets rank in terms of social and environmental responsibility. You may be surprised with what you find. And for information on how to

But more than anything, I want to reach out to all of you. Watching the national campaign is utterly painful.  There is much to do.  If you want ongoing updates on NM legislation and policy initiatives, go to and sign up for two blogs weekly.


Paul Gibson
Coordinator, Retake the Roundhouse

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