We Have Sunk to New Lows as a Country & State

The political dialogue has sunk to such lows (again), that I thought I’d lighten it up a bit and call out the cute kitty imagery. He is praying for our future.  But no matter how low the political debate goes, it is critical that progressives stay engaged. This week, you can meet three inspiring progressives in person.

Cute Kitty Prays for Our Future

Cute Kitty Prays for Our Future

The political theatre continues to sink lower and lower both nationally and here at home. With Trump unravelling and GOP national leadership at war with each other, watching the national debate is like watching a slow motion train wreck. You just can’t watch and yet you peek.  And now, here at home the GOP has launched a shameful fear-based mail and ad campaign on the heels of a forced Roundhouse debate on the Death Penalty. But as bad as the forced consideration of the Death Penalty was, the new mailers that essentially tell voters:  ‘We are watching. We will know how you vote and your neighbors will know. Be afraid.’ For those of you on FB, you likely have noted a level of vitriol that is positively scary. It would be easy to say:  “Enough is enough.” I am outta here til Thanksgiving.

And that is precisely what the corporatocracy are counting on. We sit on our hands and we tune out and they win.  And it is working in NM. Polls suggest that many key Roundhouse races are tightening quickly. And more Corporate money is pouring into NM every day, so we can expect more fear-based ads and false claims to undermine our democracy.  So it is critical we stay engaged.

Arturo Fierro HD 7 Candidate

Arturo Fierro HD 7 Candidate

This week there are two opportunities to meet inspiring progressive candidates, one on Wednesday in Santa Fe, a meet-greet fundraiser for Arturo Fierro, HD-7 and one on Thursday in Albuquerque for Liz Thompson HD-24 and Natalie Figueroa HD-30. Details below. Tune out FB and come meet some real heroes.  If you want to read more on these three races:  Thursday Blog With Details On These Races.  And if you can’t make it to these events and don’t have time to canvass or phone bank, PLEASE look below for how you can send checks to these campaigns. They aren’t getting corporate money.  They need you.  And we need them even more.

Meet Arturo Fierro

Wednesday, Oct 19, 6-8pm (Clinton-Trump debate will be taped for viewing if you have a strong stomach)

The Home of Mariel Nanasi & Jeff Haas

1433 Seville (off of San Mateo)

Santa Fe, NM

RSVP: Chad Jones, SWOP Action 505 699-8183

Can’t make! Please make checks out to:  “Committee to Elect Arturo Fierro”

Mail to: Fierro Campaign, P.O. Box 547, Tesuque, NM 87574

Got some time:  Canvass or Phone bank from home:  Call Chad at 505 699-8183

Meet Liz Thompson (HD 24) & Natalie Figueroa (HD 30)

Thursday Oct. 20 5:30-7:30

The Home of Gordon Faulkner

1119 Girard NE Albuquerque, 87106

RSVP: Gabby 505 570-5857

Donations:  https://secure.actblue.com/contribute/page/nmtrueprogressives

Got some time:  Canvass or Phone Bank from Home:

Call Ralph Figueroa (505) 401-7656 for Natalie or Contact Eric Castillo, 505-948-9910 for Liz.

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