A Focus on Voter Registration, Voter Suppression, and the Myth of Voter Fraud

The GOP would have you believe that one of the greatest threats to our democracy is widespread voter fraud. This blog debunks the myth of voter fraud, describes the real threat of cyber hacking voting booths, and presents Oregon’s Motor Voter-Voter Registration Legislation.

With only two more days left to register to vote, this issue focuses upon two of the greatest threats to our democracy: voter suppression strategies designed to foil voter efforts to register to vote and cyber attacks on voting booths. This blog includes a schedule of phone bank and canvassing efforts for a number of progressive candidates as well as links to articles related to:

voter-fraudThe myth of voter fraud relies upon research by the Brennan Center who conducted 3 case studies of alleged voter fraud and found less than .0002% instances of fraudulent voting across studies, for more on this study, click here.   Yet, this unfounded fear of voter fraud is what is used to justify the creation of a wide range of legislation that creates unnecessary barriers to voter registration. As this report discloses, these voter suppression and voter ID laws disproportionately impact voter turnout among communities of color.

hackCyber hacking election returns.  The ease with which our voting booths can be hacked to manipulate voter tallies was exposed by a Princeton professor who with $83 and 7 minutes was able to hack a voting booth used in New Jersey, Missouri, and Virginia.  A discussion of the ease with which cyber hacking of voting results can occur is discussed here: Cyber-Hacking

voter-regFacilitated Voter Registration.  Passed into law in March, Oregon’s new motor-voter registration system electronically connects the DMV with the state voter roles, instantly registering everyone who has registered for an ID or driver’s license without the individual taking any action whatsoever.  Read about Oregon’s Motor-Voter Registration. This is an approach to voter registration which will become part of the NM Progressive Platform.

The NM Progressive Platform is being developed by Retake the Roundhouse in consultation with numerous progressive organizations in the state. Pieces of the platform, like the Oregon Motor-Voter system will be introduced in this e-blast over the next weeks.  Next weekend, we will devote an entire issue to the ways in which big money is being used to manipulate the political process and introduce a few election reforms that could restore our democracy.

Campaign Opportunities.

canvassingCanvass for Ane Romero (HD 15) and Natalie Figueroa (HD30).  Susan Martin, Political Chair for the Rio Grande Chapter of the Sierra Club is sponsoring a carpool every Saturday from now until November 5 from the Inn at Santa Fe (Santa Fe Outlet Mall) leaving at 9am. We’ll be canvassing for Ane Romero, NM House District 15. If we get more volunteers, we’ll also canvass for Natalie Figueroa, HD 30, who’s up against evil Nate Gentry, Republican House.

UPCOMING PHONE BANKS & CANVASSING for Liz Stefanics: The last two weekends we sent out canvassers to the Rancho Viejo community of Santa Fe and reached hundreds of homes.
PHONE BANK.  Every Wednesday and Sunday until Election
All phone banking will take place from 5:00PM – 8:00PM
At  607 Cerrillos Road, Santa Fe NM 87501 (corner Paseo de Peralta), next door to The Shake Shack.  We’ll be in the offices on the 2nd floor.

However, if you are interested in hosting a phone bank for Liz in your home with your friends, please contact Liz’s Field Director, Cecile to make arrangements on 505.699.2539 (mobile)
Join Us To Canvass For Liz Stefanics
In Rancho Viejo
Sunday, October 9
We will meet at Tathagata Coffee Shop
55 Rancho Del Canada, Santa Fe
To pick up walk lists and scripts
Call Cecile for more information 505/699.2539

Phone Banking Every T-Th, 5-8pm
Center for Progress & Justice, 1420 Cerrillos
At this phone bank you can also get info on how to PB from home.

Phone Bank & Canvass for Liz Thompson & Natalie Figueroa
Ongoing phone banking and canvassing is occurring for these future progressive champions. And there is a fundraiser in ABQ as well on October 20.

We hope you will join fellow progressives in working hard to elect Natalie and Liz.  Please commit to phone bank or canvass for Liz and Natalie in the next few weeks before the election. Here is the information for the two campaigns:

Natalie Figueroa
Phonebanking Tuesdays and Wednesdays
5:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Canvassing Saturdays and Sundays
9:30 AM – 12:30 PM
8705 Horacio Pl. NM 87111

Liz Thompson
To volunteer Contact Eric Castillo  eric@lizthomson.org 505-948-9910

We also invite you to join us for a rally and fundraiser for Liz and Natalie on October 20.  Susan Popovich and I are both serving as hosts. Contact Eric Castillo above for more information.

There is much to do.  If you want ongoing updates on NM legislation and policy initiatives, go to www.retaketheroundhouse.org and sign up.


Paul Gibson
Coordinator, Retake the Roundhouse

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