Call to Action: PNM Rate Hike Vote is Tomorrow

PNM’s rate hike is coming to a vote tomorrow at 9:30am and if approved New Mexicans will be paying $500M over the next 15 years to subsidize PNM’s obscene commitment to coal.  


PNM has scoal pollution smallought a $137M rate increase, saddling its rate payers not just with a 15% rate increase now but obliging us to:

More coal. PNM bill-payers would be locked into paying over a half billion dollars for coal for the Four Corners Power Plant for the next 15 years. We’d have to pay every penny even if the plant were transitioned sooner to cleaner sources.

More nuclear. PNM customers would pay for more out-of-state nuclear power for 30 years without knowing if other options would be cheaper. PNM did not compare the nuclear costs against anyother energy alternatives.

Executive pay. The top five executives at PNM make $9 million per year. The average Navajo household living with the pollution from PNM’s coal operations survives on $7,200 per year.

This link will provide you with contact info for all five PRC Commissioners who will vote on this rate hike TOMORROW morning. Please call and email all five Commissioners. Tell them in your own words that you “strongly object to funding nuclear and coal, that you will be watching how they vote and that you vote.” The Commissioners don’t need to know where you live and won’t know if you are a constituent or not. But if they get buried in calls, they will know that they are being watched.  And in June, District 1 Commissioner Karen Montoya was voted out of office for being a PNM shill, so they know it can happen to them.

Also, tonight at 6pm, Brand New Congress’ national Livestream will reveal their plans to run progressives in all 435 Congressional Districts in 2018. Come to the Center for Progress & Justice, 1420 Cerrillos at 6pm tonight to hear their plans. Retake the Roundhouse is sponsoring the Livestream and will provide info on current campaign actions.  RSVP here.

Lastly, on Sunday Sept 25th there will be two shifts (12:30-3pm and 2:30-5pm) of canvassing in Santa Fe, targeting Rancho Vieojo where we will try to reach 800 registered Democratic homes, key to Liz Stefanic’s path to victory in her tight Senate race.  We will meet at  Tathugata Coffee in the Rancho Viejo Village Center at 55 Canada Del Ranch at the start times for each shift.  Scripts, flyers, routes, clipboards and pens will be provided along with training from Stefanics’ campaign staff. It will be fun and so necessary.

Martinez is pouring money into key Roundhouse races and only by putting our feet to the pavement can we overcome this and ensure we retain the Senate and retake the House.  We need RSVPs for this as we need to know how many routes to cut and materials to assemble. We are hoping for 40 folks to sign up. So please let Susan Popovich know you plan to come and coax a friend to join you.  RSVP at

Thanks to all.  Keep active. We can do this.


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