Susana is Buying OUR Roundhouse: Only YOU Can Stop Her

Susana Martinez is a money machine with links to $uperPacs, oil and gas, and other heinous industries and she is POURING that money into key Roundhouse races. She got the House in 2014 and she wants the Senate now. And she only needs to pick up three seats. 

Statewide, over 60 Retake Subscribers signed up and indicated you wanted to phone bank to district races.  We now have over 200 followers statewide, but since hubs are not yet organized in other counties, I can’t know how active all of you are across the state—but in Santa Fe we have an ongoing schedule of phone bank times 5-8pm T & Th at 1420 Cerrillos and so far, damn near no one is showing up. I hope this is not the case statewide because there is a real threat that rather than Retaking the Roundhouse, we could lose it entirely. The thought of the GOP in control of both chambers should strike terror in all of us.

While it is heartening to know 60 of you have said you want to phone bank, this is no time for good intentions, it is time for action. So go to the Retake website and take a look at the list of targeted Senate and House races with each list having a brief description of the candidates and contact info for how you can support each race. Don’t let Susana take over OUR state!  Five actions below would take you no more than 20 minutes total! Take the time. Our planet is begging you.

Another way to ensure that we repel Martinez’ corporate monies, is to further expand our base. To date most all of the growth in subscribers has been due to emails to Democratic Party delegates across the state. It is time to have our members do the work. Please reach out to 2-3 people, tell them about this effort and ask them to sign-up. Better yet, talk to them about supporting one of the 16 targeted races identified in the House and Senate links above. There are only 6-7 weeks until the vote so it is time to get active.

The purpose of this blog is to inform advocates statewide, but more important than keeping you informed, this blog wants to offer easy, quick ways to contribute to a more progressive state and nation. Canvassing and phone banking can take several hours, and we need you to do that, but here are a number of other ways you can lend your voice to important challenges to our environment and our State.

Contact a Campaign Coordinator-5 minutes. Contact a campaign coordinator for one of the sixteen targeted races (Senate and House links above) and find out how you can best support their campaign.  Schedule it.  Get a friend to join you.

Lobby with the PRC to vote no on the PNM sought 13.7% Rate Hike to cover its costs in purchasing more coal and nuclear instead of investing in renewables.  For more info on this, click here and for contact information for PRC Commissioners, click here.  Ten minutes to email and call all five Commissioners.

Lobby the EPA About its Deplorable Statement on Fracking.– 5 minutes– In July 2015, the EPA issued an entirely unsubstantiated draft report on the impact of tracking on water, a draft that has been entirely repudiated by the EPA’s independent Science Advisory Board. This is important, as the fossil fuel industry lobbyists are using this statement as evidence that fracking is benign. One of the grievous omissions of the EPA draft was its not even mentioning the horrendous impact of tracking on the water supplies in Dimock, Pennsylvania; Pavillion, Wyoming; and Parker County, Texas where many members of the public have stated that hydraulic fracturing activities have caused local impacts to drinking water resources. It will take you 3-4 minutes to read the article and 2 minutes to sign the petition to the EPA to retract and/or revise its draft report.


Support the La Montanita Co-Op in Revolt Against Corporate Takeover.  Not all NM politics happens in the Roundhouse and there are lots of ways New Mexicans can flex their muscles beyond canvassing and phone banking. For those of you who are members of the La Montanita Co-Op, an open revolt of membership is occurring and it needs your support. The revolt is over the corporate takeover of the La Montanita Co-Op board, its subsequent insistence upon following the poor advice to take out loans and expand and then when the bills come due, cut staff benefits, move away from organic produce, and in the future reduce hours and other ‘cost-cutting measures. This link will take you to a site that describes the source of the problem and the solution. Bottom line: if you are a member, you need to sign a petition to recall the board. They need 1600 signatures and are 75% there.  Read On.  Three minutes to read the article, two minutes to sign the petition, 2 minutes to send this blog to 2-3 fellow members.

banksLastly, a new feature that will be a weekly part of RetaketheRoundhouse, an excerpt from A Better World Shopping Guide, this one on banking.  Each week we will feature a different way in which you can put your money to work for good.  Take a look at chart at left, if your money is in any of the banks receiving D or F, make a move to a local credit union.  Better World Shopping Guide has ratings on over 70 different commercial products from cars to ice cream.  The book is only $10 and it can help you purchase more consistently with your values.  Take a look at this link.

There is much to do. But together we can make a huge difference.  IF we act.


Paul Gibson
Coordinator, Retake the Roundhouse

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