Report on Aug. 13 Organizing Mtg. 50 Volunteers & Plans Going Forward

An Organizing and Orientation Meeting was held on Saturday, August 13, from 3:30 – 5 pm at 1420 Cerrillos.  For details …  Fifty Democrats attended the kickoff meeting where campaign strategists described the 9 House and 7 Senate races targeted by Retake the Roundhouse. Plans were developed for volunteers to work directly with campaign staff with contact info available in the House and Senate District summaries on this site. In addition, a plan was hatched to conduct Voter Registration efforts at both Zozobra September 2 and at the Hysterical Historical Parade on September 11. For more information, contact Susan Popovich at

Liz Stefanics spoke about her campaign and many volunteers in attendance plan to canvass and phone bank for her campaign. However, as outlined by Leanne Leith, staff to the House Democratic Caucus, outlined how volunteers can support any candidate in the 16 targeted districts just by reaching out to the campaign directly.  Again, contact info is available on House and Senate races in the two summaries on the home page.

Once you reach a campaign coordinator, canvassing schedules can be provided and if phone banking is your thing, lists with scripts will allow you to phone bank from home.  Phone banking is a tremendous way for Santa Fe Democrats to impact races throughout the state. Over time Retake the Roundhouse will sponsor phone bank parties and will organize carpools to take volunteers who want to canvass to districts within an hour’s drive from Santa Fe.

It can’t be emphasized enough. Seven House seats were lost in 2014 with a margin os 500 votes or less. Our collective activism and overturn those results and return the House to Democratic control.


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