2-8-23 Alert

Good Afternoon, New Mexico Activists:

As many of you know, SB 165 Local Choice Energy, was rolled over from Tuesday to Thursday and we’ve confirmed it will be heard in Senate Conservation tomorrow morning, Feb. 9, 9 a.m. in Room 311. SB 165, introduced by Sen. Carrie Hamblen, changes state law to allow municipalities the option to choose their electricity generation sources and expand energy options for tribal nations, while saving money for ratepayers. You’ll find talking points at the link in the bill title above. Please email committee members today to urge them to vote “YES” on SB 165.

Normally, they require written comment 24 hours in advance, but the new agenda posted at 11 a.m. today invites written comment to SCONC.Zoom@nmlegis.gov. Offer public comment in person or on Zoom: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/7739881331. Or via telephone at 1 253 215 8782. Meeting ID: 773 988 1331. Or watch the hearing via Webcast here.

Senate Conservation Committee

Bulk email: “Joseph Cervantes” <joseph.cervantes@nmlegis.gov>, “David M. Gallegos” <david@ramirezandsonsinc.com>, “Carrie Hamblen” <carrie.hamblen@nmlegis.gov>, “Steven P. Neville” <steven.neville@nmlegis.gov>, “Harold Pope” <harold.popejr@nmlegis.gov>, “Gregg Schmedes” <gregg.schmedes@nmlegis.gov>, “Antoinette Sedillo Lopez” <a.sedillolopez@nmlegis.gov>, “William P. Soules” <bill.soules@nmlegis.gov>, “Elizabeth “Liz” Stefanics” <lstefanics@msn.com>

ALSO ON THURSDAY: If you missed yesterday afternoon’s Alert about SB 11 Paid Family & Medical Leave in Senate Tax, Business & Transportation tomorrow, Thursday, at 1:30 p.m., Room 321, you can link to that Alert here. (Scroll down to second hearing to find SB 11.)

NEW: On Friday, Feb. 10, 8:30 a.m., Room 317, House Taxation & Revenue will hear HB 144 Increase Certain Child Income Tax Credit. HB 144 increases the child tax credit per qualifying child as follows: Income $25K or less, increase to $600 from $175; income $25K – $50K, increase to $400 from $150; income $50K to $75K, increase to $200 from $125 beginning Jan. 1, 2023. Increases will rise each year based on the consumer price index. Child Income Tax Credits have been shown to dramatically reduce childhood poverty! HB 144 passed unanimously in House Health & Human Services on Feb. 1, and it will move to the House Floor is it passes HTRC on Friday. You’ll find talking points from NM Voices for Children at the link in the bill title above.

Please call and email committee members today to urge them to vote “YES” on HB 144. You can submit written comments via email, at least 24 hours before the hearing, to Teresa.maccoll@nmlegis.gov or Julie.montoya@nmlegis.gov. You may offer public comment in person or via Zoom: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89087836680. Or use one tap mobile US: +12532050468, 89087836680# or +12532158782, 89087836680#. Webinar ID: 890 8783 6680. Or watch the hearing via Webcast here.

House Tax & Revenue Committee

For bulk email: “Cynthia Borrego” <Cynthia.Borrego@nmlegis.gov>, “Micaela Lara Cadena” <micaela.cadena@nmlegis.gov>, “Ambrose Castellano” <ambrose.castellano@nmlegis.gov>, “Christine Chandler” <christine.chandler@nmlegis.gov>, “Mark Duncan” <Mark.Duncan@nmlegis.gov>, “Doreen Y. Gallegos” <doreen.gallegos@nmlegis.gov>, “Jason C. Harper” <JasonHarperNM@gmail.com>, “Joshua N. Hernandez” <joshua.hernandez@nmlegis.gov>, “Derrick J. Lente” <derrick.lente@nmlegis.gov>, “Javier Martínez” <javier.martinez@nmlegis.gov>, “Kristina Ortez” <kristina.ortez@nmlegis.gov>, “Larry R. Scott” <larry.scott@nmlegis.gov>, “Linda Serrato” <linda.serrato@nmlegis.gov>, “James G. Townsend” townsend@pvtn.net

We were disappointed to see Senate Rules unanimously approve the appointment of Patrick O’Connell to the PRC this morning, but the whole process may just have been rigged from the start. We’ll never know for sure. See you tonight in the Huddle, 6-7 p.m. on Zoom! Register here, if you haven’t already.

In Gratitude and Solidarity,

Roxanne and Paul

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