2-7-23 PM Alert

Good Afternoon, New Mexico Activists:

We’ve just learned that Senate Rules will vote on the appointment of Patrick O’Connell to the Public Regulation Commission tomorrow, Weds., Feb. 8, 9 a.m., Room 321. We strongly oppose the appointment of O’Connell for many reasons, in part because he was an executive for PNM and NM Gas Company, the very industries the PRC is charged with regulating. Our state statutes specifically state that “Candidates must be independent of the industries regulated by the Commission.” This appointment is just wrong! Please review the talking points against O’Connell’s appointment at this link, and then call and email Senate Rules Committee members immediately, TODAY, to urge them to vote “NO” on O’Connell.

You can submit written comments, up to 300 words, as soon as possible to SRC.zoom@nmlegis.gov. If you plan to offer public comment, preference is given to those who sign up in advance via email — to the same address: SRC.zoom@nmlegis.gov. To join the Zoom: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/3396422464. Or call 1 346 248 7799, meeting ID: 339 642 2464. Or you can watch the Webcast at this link.

Senate Rules Committee

  • Chair: Katy M. Duhigg (D). District 10 (Bernalillo & Sandoval). Room 300B, 986-4726. Email: katy.duhigg@nmlegis.gov
  • Vice Chair: Leo Jaramillo (D). District 5 (Los Alamos, Rio Arriba, Sandoval & Santa Fe). Room 416C, 986-4487. Email: leo.jaramillo@nmlegis.gov
  • Ranking Member: Stuart Ingle (R). District 27 (Chaves, Curry, De Baca, Lea & Roosevelt). Room 415G, 986-4702. Email: stuart.ingle@nmlegis.gov
  • Member: Gregory A. Baca (R). District 29 (Bernalillo & Valencia). Room 109A, 986-4877. Email: greg.baca@nmlegis.gov
  • Member: Linda M. Lopez (D). District 11 (Bernalillo). Room 120A, 986-4380. Email: linda.lopez@nmlegis.gov
  • Member: Brenda G. McKenna (D). District 9 (Bernalillo & Sandoval). Room 218B, 986-4301. Email: brenda.mckenna@nmlegis.gov
  • Member: Mark Moores (R). District 21 (Bernalillo). Room 109C. Email: mark.moores@nmlegis.gov
  • Member: Gerald Ortiz y Pino (D). District 12 (Bernalillo). Room 300A, 986-4482. Email: jortizyp@msn.com
  • Member: Cliff R. Pirtle (R). District 32 (Chaves, Eddy & Otero). Room 414D, 986-4369. Email: cliff.pirtle@nmlegis.gov
  • Member: Elizabeth “Liz” Stefanics (D). District 39 (Bernalillo, Lincoln, San Miguel, Santa Fe, Torrance & Valencia). Room 328B, 986-4377. Email: lstefanics@msn.com
  • Member: Mimi Stewart (D). District 17 (Bernalillo). Room 105A, 986-4734.     Email: mimi.stewart@nmlegis.gov

For bulk email: “Gregory A. Baca” <greg.baca@nmlegis.gov>, “Katy M. Duhigg” <katy.duhigg@nmlegis.gov>, “Stuart Ingle” <stuart.ingle@nmlegis.gov>, “Leo Jaramillo” <leo.jaramillo@nmlegis.gov>, “Linda M. Lopez” <linda.lopez@nmlegis.gov>, “Brenda G. McKenna” <brenda.mckenna@nmlegis.gov>, “Mark Moores” <mark.moores@nmlegis.gov>, “Gerald Ortiz y Pino” <jortizyp@msn.com>, “Cliff R. Pirtle” <cliff.pirtle@nmlegis.gov>, “Elizabeth “Liz” Stefanics” <lstefanics@msn.com>, “Mimi Stewart” <elaine.suazo@nmlegis.gov>

NEW: On Thursday, Feb. 9, 1:30 p.m. (or after the floor session), Room 321, Senate Tax, Business & Transportation will hear SB 11 Paid Family & Medical Leave Act, first on the agenda. SB 11 creates paid family and medical leave in our state, using employer and employee contributions to pay employees up to 12 weeks of paid leave per year for reasons such as childbirth, bereavement for the loss of a child, and situations of domestic abuse. It would require employees to pay just a half of one percent of their earnings into the paid leave fund. Employers with fewer than five employees (66% of most businesses in NM) and self-employed contractors would not be required to pay into the fund. Please call and email committee members today or tomorrow to urge them to vote “YES” on SB 11.

To join via Zoom: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/4011289295. Or call; meeting ID 4011289295. To submit written comments or to register to speak via Zoom, please email STBTC.zoom@nmlegis.gov before Wednesday at 1:30 p.m. Or watch the Webcast at this link.

Senate Tax, Business & Transportation Committee

  • Chair: Benny Shendo, Jr. (D). District 22 (Bernalillo, McKinley, Rio Arriba, San Juan & Sandoval). Room 323A, 986-4310. Email: benny.shendo@nmlegis.gov
  • Vice Chair: Carrie Hamblen (D). District 38 (Doña Ana). Room 416G, 986-4266. Email: carrie.hamblen@nmlegis.gov
  • Ranking Member: Gay G. Kernan (R). District 42 (Chaves, Eddy & Lea). Room 415E, 986-4274. Email: gay.kernan@nmlegis.gov
  • Member: Craig W. Brandt (R). District 40 (Sandoval). Room 109B, 986-4385. Email: craig.brandt@nmlegis.gov
  • Member: Ron Griggs (R). District 34 (Doña Ana, Eddy & Otero). Room 414A, 986-4391. Email: ron.griggs@nmlegis.gov
  • Member: Leo Jaramillo (D). District 5 (Los Alamos, Rio Arriba, Sandoval & Santa Fe). Room 416C, 986-4487. Email: leo.jaramillo@nmlegis.gov
  • Member: Linda M. Lopez (D). District 11 (Bernalillo). Room 120A, 986-4380. Email: linda.lopez@nmlegis.gov
  • Member: Joshua A. Sanchez (R). District 30 (Cibola, McKinley, Socorro & Valencia). Room 414B, 986-4375. Email: jas4nm@gmail.com
  • Member: Bill Tallman (D). District 18 (Bernalillo). Room 300C, 986-4373. Email: bill.tallman@nmlegis.gov
  • Member: Peter Wirth (D). District 25 (Santa Fe). Room 119, 986-4727. Email: peter.wirth@nmlegis.gov

For bulk email: “Craig W. Brandt” <craig.brandt@nmlegis.gov>, “Ron Griggs” <ron.griggs@nmlegis.gov>, “Carrie Hamblen” <carrie.hamblen@nmlegis.gov>, “Leo Jaramillo” <leo.jaramillo@nmlegis.gov>, “Gay G. Kernan” <gay.kernan@nmlegis.gov>, “Linda M. Lopez” <linda.lopez@nmlegis.gov>, “Joshua A. Sanchez” <jas4nm@gmail.com>, “Benny Shendo” <benny.shendo@nmlegis.gov>, “Bill Tallman” <bill.tallman@nmlegis.gov>, “Peter Wirth” <peter.wirth@nmlegis.gov>

If you missed this morning’s Alert on Wednesday hearings on tax reform bills and the voting omnibus bill, you’ll find the Alert at this link.

Don’t forget to register for tomorrow’s Huddle, 6-7 p.m. Click here to register. PLEASE NOTE: We’ve been experiencing intermittent Internet availability at our home the past few days, so if you sign on to Wednesday evening’s Huddle and it never begins, please know that it must be out again! Obviously we will be unable to notify attendees by email, but we apologize in advance if this happens. We’re working on getting it fixed. Fingers crossed!

That’s all we have today. Please get those notes out to oppose O’Connell’s appointment to the PRC ASAP!

In Gratitude & Solidarity

Roxanne and Paul

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