2-24-23 Alert

Dear New Mexico Activists:

We just heard this afternoon from the committee Chair, Rep. Matthew McQueen, that HB 12 Advanced Energy Technology Act is being rolled to a future hearing and will NOT be heard in House Energy, Environment & Natural Resources tomorrow (2/25) morning. If you missed yesterday’s Alert about HB 12, and you haven’t yet contacted committee members, please do so soon. For your convenience, info from yesterday’s Alert is copied below.

HB 12 Advanced Energy Technology Act:  While purporting to set up a fund to be used to support “advanced energy technology,” a closer look at this bill reveals that “carbon capture, sequestration, transport utilization and storage system” are included in the definition of advanced energy technology. Carbon capture and sequestration is at the heart of all grey hydrogen production, a process that has never worked anywhere in the world.  This appears to be another attempt to sneak hydrogen production into state legislation. What’s more, nuclear energy is also included in the definition. You’ll find talking points at the link in the bill title above. You may also want to read more about it in Paul’s Thursday blog at this link. Please contact committee members to urge them to vote “NO” on HB 12.

NOTE: We’re hoping for some amendments, which might make the bill more palatable. But we will remain in opposition until the amendments outlined in the talking points and blog above are incorporated. We’ll keep you posted!

House Energy, Environment & Natural Resources Committee

Bulk email: “Cynthia Borrego” <Cynthia.Borrego@nmlegis.gov>, “Meredith A. Dixon” <meredith.dixon@nmlegis.gov>, “Miguel P. García” <miguel.garcia@nmlegis.gov>, “Matthew McQueen” <matthew.mcqueen@nmlegis.gov>, “Rod Montoya” <roddmontoya@gmail.com>, “Greg Nibert” <greg.nibert@nmlegis.gov>, “Angelica Rubio” <angelica.rubio@nmlegis.gov>, “Debra M. Sariñana” <debbie.sarinana@nmlegis.gov>, “Larry R. Scott” <larry.scott@nmlegis.gov>, “Nathan P. Small” <nathan.small@nmlegis.gov>, “James G. Townsend” <townsend@pvtn.net>

In Gratitude & Solidarity,

Roxanne and Paul

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