Reinvigorating Local Ward Politics

Reinvigorating Local Ward Politics

wards-in-actionPurpose of Reinvigorating Local Ward Politics Action Team.   At one time, Wards were a hub of political conversation and activism, as depicted in the picture at left. No more. While some Wards remain active, some almost never meet except to hold elections for Ward Chair and County Central Committee, and some Ward Chairs do not even respond to inquiries. We want to reinvigorate Wards by identifying candidates who would like to run for Ward Chair and commit to holding monthly meetings of Ward members, and elect County Central Committee members who will be active in that Committee. Active Wards and Central Committees can become hubs of political discussion and social and political action. What’s more, with an active, progressive Central Committee, Santa Fe can advocate for Party reform at the State level, as Central Committee members vote for party leadership, appoint members to committees such as the Platform Committee, and vote for our Democratic National Committee representatives. One of our current elected DNC members, Raymond Sanchez, is a lobbyist for the exploitive payday lending industry, so there is work to be done.

Reinvigorating Local Ward Politics – Coordinator. We would like to have two coordinators, and it might be possible to divide responsibilities, with each coordinator overseeing half of the Wards. Coordinator responsibilities include:

  • Coordinate and support Ward Chair candidates and Ward members prior to the 2017 election of Ward chairs;
  • Schedule orientation and coordination meetings of Ward Chair candidates and members to develop strategies to elect Ward chairs and County Central Committee members who will be active and responsive in managing their Ward and participating on the Central Committee.
  • Post election, Coordinators will convene monthly meetings of Ward Chairs to provide support, get input into challenges and successes, brainstorm strategies for continuing Ward development, and periodically coordinate countywide actions through the Wards.

Action Team Members. Members will:

  • Reach out to friends, family, and neighbors to encourage their involvement in their Ward;
  • Participate in the Ward Chair and County Central Committee elections with a goal of electing Ward chairs committed to holding regular meetings, encouraging Ward activism, and supporting DPNM reform.