Verde Transmission Line Coming to Santa Fe. It is not Standing Rock, but it is Bad. Very Bad.

The Verde Transmission Line.
What It Is and What We Need To Do To Stop It

verdeThe proposed 33-mile long Verde Transmission Line would consume 150 acres of public lands in the Rio Grande Valley between Santa Fe and Espanola, crossing private, pueblo, and state lands. The project is being railroaded through by Hunt Power, owned by a billionaire fossil fuel family dynasty in Texas, to move coal-fired electricity more quickly out of the Four Corners region to markets beyond New Mexico. This project is about building infrastructure to sustain fossil fuel electricity and generate profits for billionaires on the open market, not about meeting any public need and certainly not about clean energy. If built, the high voltage power line would impose a roadblock to the development of distributed renewable energy and severely undermine local energy independence.

Send a letter today and tell the Bureau of Land Management to reject Hunt Power’s demands and put Americans and our public lands first. Our federal government should not be subsidizing more corporate fossil fuel infrastructure. They should be protecting our public lands in New Mexico. Let’s expose this “Verde” sham.  Tell the Bureau of Land Management that clean energy and our public lands come first.

Fossil fuel development is taking a tremendous toll in the Greater Chaco Region of New Mexico. If you haven’t yet spoken out to turn the tide on fracking, do so today, click here!

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For more information, contact:
Jeremy Nichols
Climate and Energy Program
Director, WildEarth Guardians
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