12.1.2020 Conversation with Speaker Egolf & Senator Wirth

Tuesday, Dec. 1, 6:30 – 8 pm. Election Debrief and 2021 Legislative Agenda Review with Senate Floor Leader Peter Wirth, Speaker of the House Brian Egolf and Senate Pro-Tem elect, Sen. Mimi Stewart.  We will discuss how the primaries and the general election have altered the House and Senate. We will ask Sen. Stewart how the change in the Senate and Senate Pro-Tem may influence committee structure and prospects of bills passing the Senate. We will also discuss the impact that a Covid-limited session might have upon our chances for getting transformational legislation passed in 2021 and whether, given the revenue crisis, the legislature may be receptive to increasing revenues by closing corporate loopholes. We will ask all the panelists to offer their views on the prospects for bills like the Health Security Act, Public Banking, the Green Amendment and more. We will have 60 minutes of questions gleaned from conversations with allies and then open things up to all on the zoom. This Zoom room is filling up very quickly and you MUST register.

Click to register for this Zoominar.

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