11.30.22 Alert

Good Morning, New Mexico Activists:

The PRC Nominating Committee will meet this Friday, Dec. 2, at 9 a.m., Room 309 of the Roundhouse in Santa Fe, where they will finalize candidates to be recommended to the Governor for appointment. You’ll find the meeting agenda at this link. You may attend the meeting in person or watch the webcast at this link. Information on how to join the meeting Zoom will be posted at this link several minutes before the start of the meeting.

To make public comment in person or via Zoom you must sign up as early as possible and no later than two hours prior to the meeting. To sign up for public comment contact Patrick J. Rodriguez at patrickj.rodriguez@state.nm.us. If you plan to comment, you may want to mention a few basic principles that should guide their recommendations. (If they haven’t already made up their minds!)

Here are some talking points from which you can pick and choose:
Based on a review of the candidates’ applications, there are many who do not meet the minimum requirements stipulated in the legislation. I hope this committee will carefully vet the candidates to ensure they meet those requirements. Specifically, candidates must have “at least ten years of professional experience” in an area regulated by the commission or in the energy sector and involving a scope of work that includes accounting, public or business administration, economics, finance, statistics, policy, engineering, or law. Many of the final candidates do not meet this threshold.

We encourage the commission to select candidates:

  • with specific prior experience in a regulatory process,
  • who have lived in New Mexico for at least five years,
  • with experience in renewable energy,  
  • to achieve geographic and culturally diverse representation across our state.

Based on these criteria, there are three candidates who rise to the top:

  1. Carolyn Glick, 16 years as a PRC Hearing Examiner with a solid grasp of regulatory law, NM law, and industry reps. who regularly appear before the PRC.
  2. Cynthia Hall, a current PRC commissioner. 
  3. Gabriel Aguilera, born and raised in NM, with 15 years’ experience at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission in D.C.

You will find the final 15 candidates’ application materials at this link — scroll down a couple of screens to the large green bar. The orange bar below that links you to the final 25 candidates’ completed questionnaires.

Two quick reminders about other upcoming events:

Join our first Legislative Huddle for the 2023 Session tonight, Nov. 30, via Zoom, 6-7 p.m. Register at this link.

Join our Webinar on Public Power & Local Choice Energy, Weds., Dec. 7, 6-7:30 p.m. Register at this link.

Learn more about both these gatherings at this link.

In Hope and Solidarity,

Roxanne and Paul

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