Southern NM Progressives Getting Organized

Las Cruces for Bernie Announces Forming Southern NM New Progressives! 


Joanne Ferrary – Progressive Candidate for State House Rep District 37

Many of the Bernie volunteers in Southern New Mexico were already on the ground, campaigning for local candidates and they will be taking part in Getting Out The Vote for down ballot democrats who represent progressive values.

But last Saturday, they had a very successful turnout for its public meeting where they talked about the transition into Southern New Mexico New Progressives and about channelling their energies into local progressive campaigns. They reported on the completion of their bylaws and heard from the candidates below who took questions on their stands on local issues. PLEASE email to reach their leadership so you can get involved and volunteer for there very worthy progressive candidates.

Maggie Toulouse Oliver – Secretary of State
John Vasquez – County Commissioner
Scott Krahling – County Clerk
Mark D’Antonio – District Attorney
Joanne Ferrary – State House Rep District 37
Rudy Martinez – State House Rep District 39Their next public meeting will be Saturday, October 29th from 2-4pm in The Branigan Library Roadrunner Room, PLEASE join them and bring anyone you think might like to check out this emerging initiative!! Get in on the ground floor and help build on the foundation that Bernie has laid for all of us, and lets advocate for more progressive change in Southern New Mexico!!

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